I Am Grateful For...
I Am Grateful For...
Season II Opener: Hearing from your host Hope Lavender

Season II Opener: Hearing from your host Hope Lavender

2020 has been a multilayered year. Finding positive media is challenging, and our worldview can grow dim.

If accepting reality and focusing on gratitude is a desire of yours, you are in the right place.

In this opening episode of I Am Grateful For Season II, we hear from Hope Lavender and her husband, Mitchell.

Hope started IAGF with the help of friends at Syracuse University back in 2016. The goal: to promote positivity through listening and understanding people's stories. Something we all could use more of today.

Hope discusses the origins of IAGF, the challenges, her feelings about 2020, the Pandemic, this season's theme of #CelebratingBlackLives, and exciting plans. Look out for the Episode dropping tomorrow at noon!

Music by Scott Holmes and Ketsa

I Am Grateful For...
I Am Grateful For...
The aim of I Am Grateful For... is to give courage to individuals and help them think about what they are grateful for despite hardships or difficult situations. The goal being to look past the negativity and the contagious desire to spread it, while choosing to facilitate an atmosphere of gratitude instead. I Am Grateful For... does not hope to deny that tough times and unfortunate circumstances exist, but we choose to share the joy of knowing that nonetheless we can all still find something to be grateful for.
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